Tree Services

We provide a wide range of tree services.

We always endeavour to maintain the health of trees. We prune and trim trees that have excess branches and foliage to maximise light in the garden and to increase light penetration through the tree adding to it’s health. Our team has a professional climber who can expertly access any tree.

We remove branches in a process known as crown thinning when there is overcrowding of branches or any diseased or dead branches. This removal of dead or diseased branches is a process known as deadwooding. We are specialists in recognising when trees are diseased, hollow, leaning or indeed dead.

We can remove roots of trees with our mini-digger. Roots can help with the drainage of the garden. If they need to be removed we can dig drains in gardens to help with soakage. If roots are constantly wet the tree can be liable to fall and therefore be dangerous. We can often make trees wind firm so that they won’t be blown down by gales. They can also grow under foundations of property which is extremely hazardous. We can help protect your home before this happens and before storms strike as they often do on the South East coast. If your trees border with a neighbour or line a road then you need to be vigilant of them at all times particularly during bad weather in Winter and Spring. Trees should not be allowed to reach electricity or telephone lines as this can be extremely hazardous during storms.

Trees can become dangerous due to storm damage or if they become diseased and die. We are experts in tree felling and in removing dangerous trees. We have over 30 years of expertise in this area. As lives, homes, outbuildings and cars can be at risk, it is vital to be experienced in this area. This is not a job to be attempted by anybody other than a trained professional. Safety is always paramount. We can fell trees in the traditional way where there is plenty of room or we can fell trees section by section where space is limited.

The environment is very important to is. We respect all animals and birds that reside in the trees we encounter. We always endeavour to improve the health of the trees that provide homes for so many.

We provide tree surveys. A tree survey provides a range of information about a tree, the species, age, physical measurements, health and life expectancy of the tree. We can advise our clients on the best course of action based on the tree survey. 

We provide wood chipping services to help owners use the branches and clear the site after work. Wood chipped mulch has many uses in the garden including being an excellent, long lasting weed control so it is a free and useful bi-product of tree maintenance. Wood chips also nourish the soil. Wood chipping is much cheaper than hiring a skip. Chips are roughly 1.5 inch long. Our wood chipper is a top quality German make and it is extremely efficient. We cut up branches for firewood and can remove all cuttings if desired. We use a variety of chainsaws from fourteen inch to  four foot. We believe in constant  maintainence of all of our tools.

We provide comprehensive fencing services. We maintain existing fencing and provide new fencing when required. We provide post and panel fencing, post and rail fencing, picket fencing, hit and miss fencing, chain link fencing, kiln and dried creaso fencing. We hang gates of all kind. Our stake driver drives a variety of stakes from four inch to ten foot stakes. We also provide all types of farm fencing. 

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